Saturday, 12 August 2017

Change: Fight Against Terrorism, Independence

The way terrorism is spreading all over the world, one thing is clear that people's mindset is somewhat responsible for it, due to which some people get involved and broadcast it beyond. This movie Change: Fight Against Terrorism is based on such a thought.

If terrorism is to be eliminated from the root, then we must first change our thinking. The truth that enrages one another, gives birth to hatred, iras. And the most frightening in this regard happens when it links to egoism that religion divides people. While the truth is that religion teaches only love. Some define the definition of religion, and there are people who create conditions like terrorism. Change: Fight Against Terrorism reflects this.

Change is the rule of nature. And if there is no change, then anything ends and stops. That is why in modern times, we have to change our thinking and our own vision, so that we can fight against this terrorism with a mentality. This movie Change: Fight Against Terrorism is an excellent example.

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