Friday, 28 July 2017

Delhi On The Road: Monsoon

Although the monsoon wait is done very much in India but the views of people dependent on the roads are quite different from that. Not only on roads, people living near the plains also think that way. Because in the days of monsoon, the roads become stagnant and piles of plots of plains are taken. This situation has been mentioned in this film Delhi On The Road: Monsoon.

Rain comes and goes but behind it, the government's certainty The work done by the government is open in the monsoon days. When the place is filled with water, the roads are broken down, the water out of the drain gets out of the water, and the bad odor emanating from the garbage gets rid of everyone. These pictures have been presented in this film Delhi On The Road: Monsoon.

This film Delhi On The Road: Monsoon is seen by opening the pole of government work in Delhi.

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