Monday, 26 June 2017

Delhi On The Road: Gadh Of Rajniti

Everyone has come to Delhi to see only one dream. Keep yourself ahead of others To get yourself lifted up by collapsing another Something similar is happening in India's politics too. In today's time, every politician is less about the country's progress and is thinking more about how to disarm the party in front of the people so that people can come to me more. Here we trying to explain this issue Delhi On The Road: Gadh Of Rajniti 

As the citadels of Delhi politics are said. It is imperative that every thing related to politics is implemented here. The streets of Delhi play an important role in the politics of India. If any leader or opposition party has to move, he comes to the streets of Delhi. This film Delhi On The Road: Gadh Of Rajniti exposes various aspects of Delhi politics.

If politics in Delhi is to be seen and the atmosphere in which Delhi's atmosphere is changing in today's time. Keeping this in mind, it can be said as a fortress and politics. Delhi On The Road: Gadh Of Rajniti this fully about this.

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